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Last summer, I developed a case of what I call "automotive anorexia." I removed the spare tire and rear interior of my CRX just for kicks and immediately noticed a substantial improvement in handling. Since then, I've kept my eyes peeled for ways to drop weight without riding around in a shell (the car is my daily driver). I had plans this summer to remove the A/C and sunroof, but I got to thinking: why tear apart a perfectly good '91 Si when I can save myself the effort by finding an HF? It comes without all the parts that I want to remove anyway (A/C, rear windshield wiper, sunroof, etc.), and it's nearly 200 lbs lighter than the Si.
Unfortunately, while I'd lose the weight, I'd also lose rear disk brakes and the rear sway-bar. Are two-tenths of a second worth the switch from disks to drums? Are there any other substantial differences between the Si and the HF? What would you do in my position?

Keep in mind that I plan to swap the engine and trans no matter what, so power doesn't figure into the equation.
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