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crxter said:
Ha ha. You talk as if this stuff coudn't be done by someone else some where else. This is rather simple stuff. All it takes is a plug, carbon fiber weave cloth ( comes in many weights and weaves) resin/hardener a good quality plastic bag and a vacuum cleaner for pulling vacuum on the plug.
Some elbow grease, good quality two part clear coat and you have a nice shinny part.

Anybody in the kit car industry or body kit industry knows how to repeat this sort of stuff. I have done quite a few carbon fiber parts, not for cars though.

Still 100% bling, more power to you.
shoot the secrets are out............pull the plug we are done :roll:

still lovely pieces of work man, i have fudged up cf so i don't mess wit it anymore.... props on work and i know its hard to work with
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