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I think I read somewhere all of the mounts were basically the GSR version for the SiR chassis.
The engine mount and rear mount are DA mounts, they're even stamped DA from Hasport. The trans side is the only special sized one.

man all you need to do now is tighten up that steering ratio. I don't know how SiR's differ from US steering racks but Quaife makes a quick rack with a 25% reduction in ratio. there is a write up on here somewhere but like I said I don't know if it will work for RH drive cars?
I had it on my 2nd CRX and I daily drove it and auto crossed it, best thing I did for handling and drivability.
I've looked into the Quaife rack as well a few years ago, Tegiwa sell a RHD version of it and I've been looking into getting it. I managed to download a pdf file of someone installing the LHD version but Im thinking about getting mine sent out to SHG Motorsports to get it installed if I do plan on getting it.

Another option I've looked into is the EPS column that Mozcraft in Japan sells but it's very expensive. I've considered getting another power steering rack and using an MR2/S pump as well but have a few other things to finish first before I look into any of those further.
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