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so after learning that i need to get a diff exhaust manifold and stuff to make a catback fit on the hf i just decided to order a set of headers,downpipe, and a cat from ebay..then in another auction i ordered the catback exhaust...

so last friday the catback comes in and im all excited but i cant do anything with it because i need the new exhaust manifolds..soo i felt like a kid gettin a cool new toy with no batteries..

but anyway the other stuff comes in today and i notice right away the box is tiny and id bet my life there is just a cat coverter in there...and sure enough it was just that..

they sent me the wrong item or just forgot the header and downpipe but im pissed

the thing that really ticks me off is i sent them a money order because i didnt have a bank account at the time and i sent a note along with it with the item number and the description on it and they still messed it up.

sorry i need to vent :evil:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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