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So what does Neal and I do when we finally get fed up?

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For over a year we have been working on my tranny. The one that come with my b16 was shot from the beginning. It poured fluid from the differental. Last November a buddy on mine sold me a GSR tranny for a hundred bucks. I took it to a local tranny shop to have it rebuilt. Eight rebuilds later, it clicks in second gear when making a right hand turn. Grinds 5th gear. Incredible diff noise in 4th and 5th. Pops out of 5th. And the list keeps going. So we decide screw the world and.....
(click on Nina's new tranny)
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OUCH!!! my wallet hurts after seeing that one. hopefully no problems now.
that thing does have a warranty right?
That transmission is a thing of beauty. So how does it compare to the other?
thats a pretty good price with the LSD.
Yes it does come with a warranty. 12 months or 12000 miles. The tranny is perfect, like a new car. And the lsd is pretty nice too. Especailly in the rain. The car doesn't want to spin the tires as much from a stop.
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