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SOHC ZC vs. D16A6

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They are the exact same engine except for the cam. Meaning you won't have trouble finding any parts for it, as its basically an A6. I know this b/c thats the engine going into my car. I gave up on my search to find a low-mileage A6 and decided on the ZC instead.
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So if you are buying an engine from an engine importer it would be cheaper to buy a sohc zc than a usdm a6. I would base that guess off of the dohc zc is cheaper than a usdm a6. And if a sohc zc is really just a hot rodded a6 than why not go for it?
If your gonna rebuild an engine the A6 is about the easiest one I have ever done.
yeah there is not alot to the a6 but the Zc SOHC is the same thing internally except for the " mystery cam" that makes it a tad stronger. . .
Does the sohc zc have the same mounts as the a6?
Yes, its the EXACT same engine. The only difference b/t the ZC block and the A6 block is the letters stamped on them.
I thought somewhere on they compared the cams and they were the same? maybe it was on crx h-p. Said the only difference was the ecu tuning.
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