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some CRX-spotting on the telly..

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A couple of recent sightings:
On A&E, a special called "Crank,Made in America"

I didn't see the whole thing because
I was flipping through the channels but I saw CRX
on the door panels while the LOSER inside was smoking meth.. :rolleyes1:

And also on Court TV,a newish show called HOT PURSUIT..
It had the ones we have probably all seen before in the previews,
But one I have not seen:The officer pulls over a woman,
she gets out of the car and SHE JUMPS OFF THE OVERPASS.. :shock:
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On a similar note I just came across a crx in a book I'm reading right now, "Minor in Possession" by J.A. Jance pg 279. So far it's just mentioned "...a sporty blue CRX sharing space in the carport...." I'm hoping it will show up more...
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