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Found here:

D-Series Engine Building Notes

Using LS Rods in a D series:

The crank ends of the LS rods and D series are same size around at 1.890" (48mm). The crank end bore width needs to be milled to match the D16 crank rod journals. Shave .022" off each side of the crank end of the rod.
The piston end bore needs to be bushed to match the D16 piston's smaller pin size. The pin on the LS pistons is 0.826" (21mm), the pin on the D16 pistons is 0.748" (19mm). You need the custom made aluminum-bronze bushing with a width of 0.786, ID. 0.748, OD. 0.827 +(over) three thousands due to the bushing will be pressed in the small-end of the LS rods, so the bushing won't come out of the hole. Crower sells these for around $40 a set.

B16A Rods matched with non-US Supra 1G-GTE pistons:

I calculated the following #'s for this combo
Piston volume = -7cc dish
Compression height = 33mm
Rod length = 134mm

Pro's of this setup = Strong B16 rods and forged Supra pistons

This is information has been gathered from Turbopanda ( username on ). He sells this set-up for about $400.

The shorter B16 rods with a D16 stroke will result in a 1.49 rod/stroke ratio, down from the stock D16 1.52 R/S ratio.

The Toyota pistons' height make up for the length of the rod, that's why it's still usable in a D series engine.

1G-GTE Supra pistons are 75mm. B16A rods are a lot stronger than D16 rods, and can handle boost way better. The rods are modified in order to accept the Toyota pistons. Installation is as simple as replacing your pistons and rods. The Crankshaft needs no modification, although the bottom of the short block will need to be notched a little so that there is enough clearance for the B16A rods

Using Susuki Vitara Pistons:

Need to get them out of the 98-99 Suzuki Vaitra 1.6 sohc (also used in some Suzuki Esteems)
code of piston = G16
NOT Forged
Have floating style wrist pins.
Can use stock wrist pins.
75mm bore (available os)

PDN 98-00 GX Pistons With LS Rods:

The crank ends of the LS rods and D series are same size at 1.890"
Shave .022" of each side of the crank end of the rod.
With GX pistons, you don't need the small end bushed
they just press on. (the GX piston has a 21mm wrist pin)
GX Standard size piston part number = 13010-PDN-A00
GX Standard piston ring set number= 13011-PDN-A01

PMS 01-03 GX:

These pistons have the standard size D series wrist pins, but have a low 27mm compression height. Ironically this low compression height coupled with 137mm VX rods in a D15 make an interesting combo...

Head Milling & Timing:
For every .012" (some say .010") shaved from the head the cam timing is retarded 1 deg

Using a D17 crank in a D16:

D17 Crank = 94.4 mm stroke
D17 Rods = 137mm
D17 Pistons = 27mm compression height

You need to use the D17 oil pump because the snout on the crank is much thicker then the y8 crank. No problem because it actually bolts on like a champ. Problem, there is no accommodation for a dip stick, the y8 pump has a hole in it for the dipstick the d17's pump does not.

The D17 rods are thinner at the crank end than D16 rods, so some machining may be needed depending on the rod you use.

How to clay for valve clearance:

How to CC your piston's dish or dome volume:

How to CC your head: ... asure.html ... head.shtml

D15 Tech:

When putting other pistons in a D15 you can use a set of VX rods (the calculator assumes you will be using them) effectively increasing the compression height of any D series piston by 3mm. The D15 rods have a 45mm crank end.( D16 = 48mm )

MR Bone's A6 Cam swap how to (for putting a CRX Si cam into a D15) :

BEFORE cam swap, set your ignition timing at 16 BTDC, the center mark. Bring motor to TDC, swap cams. Adjust lash (.006I/.008E for me) and start motor. Idle will be funky high or low, depending on which way you installed the cam (retarded or advanced).

Let engine warm to normal temps, then use cam gear to adjust IGNITION timing back to 16 BTDC at same rpm as you checked it BEFORE the cam swap. Once you get it right, your cam is now ZEROED. The cam GEAR should read 4-5 degrees Advanced/Retard depending on install.

About Throttle Bodies:

B series and H series throttle bodies bolt on to D series intake manifolds. Most D series TB's are 56mm while the B series are 60mm. This is a very cheap effective upgrade. Note: You should port match the intake manifold to the bigger TB.

How to Port Match Your Intake Manifold:

Basically, just take your TB gasket, place it on the intake manifold, use a marker and trace along the edges. Then dremel away.
Found this while looking up ls rods in a d16.
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