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88DXCRX said:
That one was posted within one of the links above.

Those 1st gen commercials are on the border of creepy! :shock:

I still want to see (again) the one for the '85 Si.
It starts with a side-view of a parked black Si. The camera then slowly tilts 90 degrees to the left (put your head on your left shoulder), ending with the car seemingly pointing straight up. The Si then peels out in slow-motion, kicking up dust and dirt and rises off the top of the screen. An announcer then announces "The Honda CRX Si. It's a rocket."

I saw this once when Speed channel was doing a " First drive " of the new '06 Civic Si. They showed that commercial while showing and telling the history and roots of the "Si".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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