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Well, folks, I'm on my way.
I got the 2 new smokers up and running and am finding out that the little, unexpected things that pop up are just driving me crazy.

1) I need my own fridge in the back room, there's just not enough room for the family's stuff and 12 pounds of marinating beef.
2)I don't have enough stinkin bowls to marinate all the meat.
3)I gotta buy the 5 lb bags of brown sugar
4)And the gallon jugs of soy sauce
5)Ditto the gallons of Tabasco
6)I need to arrange the jerky in nice, flat rows before I vacuum pack them...fits in the shipping envelope better.

I have 2 smokers running now, I just didn't have the room/containers to marinate any more meat. It chaps my ass to have 1 whole smoker sittin idle.
I am confident in the next couple of months I will correct all of these little (I know they are, but the frustration level is high) problems.
Will these be the only one's?, nope, but I'll deal with the other things I haven't thought of when I get to them.

So, just a little longer folks, and I'll get the jerky out to all that want it.


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any small business venture like this requires some start up costs..... but heck..... . if you are going to be pumping out good tasing jerky then go for it.... . .the end result will me worth all the trouble and work....

I might have to get some off of you and comapre it with mine....

do you do deer or strictly beef??? Powersonally i have never made beef.... . . . it has always been reserved for just deer..... but i might buy some beef and try it out.....

thats the great thing about jerkey... . . there are 1000000 ways to make it and there all good... . . and no 2 ppl's batched are exactly alike. . . .

good luck

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