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something cool in chicago,

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88 CRX Si 68k. pretty close to me. here is the Craigslist ad.
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It is a steal if it is clean title and no rust! Get it before some else does...
I just bought one. I kinda wish I would have waited. I can go look at it if anyone is interested.....
i can't believe you guys in the area aren't all over this... a clean shell is priceless.
I just a called the number and she has changed her voice mail to say, "If you are calling about the Honda CRX, I sold it this morning at eight o'clock. Thank you".
Sounds like somebody is tired of getting phone calls. :D
I love seeing silly stuff like this in ads...
Midas hates me. Garaged for the duration. Zoom Zoom
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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