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Something I've been pondering

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Hey guys, I just got my CRX not too long ago. I'm young so I don't have a whole lot of cash to spend on my car, but I would like to tinker with some things. Anyways, right now my car (89 DX) has the stock D15B2 with stainless header, 2.25" stainless piping, high flow cat and Ractive exhaust, as well as a custom aluminum short ram with K&N filter. In addition to that I have added a set of 8.5mm MSD plug wires, Optima red top battery and put some new NGK copper plugs in it.

Now, at this point I'm not really looking at any sort of engine swap, including the MPFI swap (in the future most likely, just not now). At this point I would really like to see how much I can squeeze out of the stock motor, so I was wondering if I put a pair of 195cc/min injectors into the engine if I would notice any gaines, or at least some more response from the engine...I think it might help out just because of the extra air that's going through the engine so they would compliment each other...but then again I'm a newb so please correct me if I'm wrong.

So....bigger injectors or no....?

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The DPFI setup is actually just one main injector plus an auxiliary injector. Larger injectors would only help if you're running lean, but that's unlikely because of the restrictive DPFI throttle body and intake manifold. Don't waste your time, just do the MPFI swap when you can.
DPFI uses one 450cc/min and one 500cc/min injector. They're both side-feed type so I don't know how easy it would be to find replacements, if it were even worth spending time on.
the best thing that you can do do a dpfi car to upgrade performance is this: ... 6c0c39f106

followed by this: ... item=30003

you may not think you want to do an engine swap, but as far as perfomance goes thats the best thing you CAN do with what you have, or just enjoy the insane fuel economy you get with your car in stock form.
replace any tune up parts that you are not sure of there change date.. . . air filter gas filter etc. . .

and then just save up and do the mpfi swap... best bang for your buck...

till then you will have to be content with what you have.. .

the mpfi swap is not that expensive if you shop around.. . heck i have most all of the parts you will need. . . pm if interested..

Best thing to do is to save your $$$, don't waste your time on that motor.
Like toxic said, "you will have to be content with what you have" at least until you have the money for the mpfi or a motor swap.
If you do the MPFI swap, you lay the groundwork for just about ANYTHING else you will ever do to hop up your motor.

Read up, gather parts, practice making good soldered connections. Don't forget to get an Si cam too!
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