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When I pieced my car back together after getting it painted, it started raining. Since I had no hood I put a tarp over it and waited until the next day. When I got it back together and ready to go for a spin in ran like complete crap. It would barely idle, even at WOT the motor would not rev easily. After 3500 rpm it was better but not right. There was a lot of water that sprayed out of the tailpipe while I was reving the engine.

I thought my engine was shot, but decided to take it to a friends house. It kept getting worse and worse, I barely made the 7 mile journey and shut the car off. An hour later it started up just fine, and ran just fine :?:

I had around 3/4 to 1/2 tank of gas then. I filled up about a week ago and reset the odometer as usual. So yesterday I filled up again, almost on empty. I figure my MPG every other week or so, just curious. I always get a steady 27.5 mpg. Yesterday when I figured it out, Im getting 33.8 mpg all of the sudden. Now Im not complaining but WTH is going on? Same driver/driving. Mostly city as usual. Nothing really different other than the engine about to die for an hour then back to normal.

Unless my super slick new paint job is just cutting through the air :wink:
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