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Sony CDX-GT310 / Polk db650

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I'm thinking of putting a new stereo in my daily driver, and the Sony I had was fun while it lasted... so I'm thinking of going with another Sony: CDX-GT310. Anybody have any opinions on this model? ... i=158GT310

It's not quite the all-matte black stock plus look of my last Sony, but the specs, price, and features seem right...

Then I was thinking of going with Polk Audio 6.5" speakers all around again, I also enjoyed them while they lasted. The new version is db650: ... i=107DB650

Any feedback would be appreciated before I go out to Circuit City or Fry's and get hooked up...
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seems like a basic player for its price point. cd mp3 capability and frnt aux input is good. power is OK, not great. try looking at pioneers current range of products. i really like the adjustable bandpass filter they put on their head units. setting it right around 50-60 eliminates all the bottoming out that happened on my s2000 stock speakers, while still giving good bass from 60-120. and personally, while aux input is a must nowadays, i prefer it to be in the rear so i can hide the cable.

the previous owner of my crx had a sony head unit installed (which got stolen...) and the most annoying thing was that it jingled EVERYTIME i turned the car off to remind me to remove the front panel. whatever. so annoying. i was glad someone stole it. really.

btw if youre going to buy at crutchfield, try this.
Crutchfield coupon $20 off $100 3A706 2007-03-30
Yeah I've always liked Pioneer because I listen to the radio a lot and they pretty much have the best FM tuner available. I don't really like the look of their current lineup though, just a personal preference thing.
looks aside, id rather have a better performing stereo for the money.
spartca said:
Then I was thinking of going with Polk Audio 6.5" speakers all around again, I also enjoyed them while they lasted. The new version is db650:
Failed a saving throw last saturday and bought a pair of those at circuit city, quite nice, and they were on sale, too.
well.. i just went ahead and bought a new head unit myself! lol. ... &rd=1&rd=1

this thread had reminded me i wanted another head unit for my s2000. the pioneer head unit im using now is just too much for me, i feel like im wasting its capability since ill never use an amp for simplicty and the OEL blue face is annoying because its too bright, even tho i keep the stereo door closed. once i swap em ill put the old one on ebay.

and the newer models have a finer high pass filter adjustment. ill take it as an even trade.

theres an unused discplay model for sale under the amazon marketplace link for cheap. ... nkCode=asm
tyson said:
looks aside, id rather have a better performing stereo for the money.
So I'm hoping to spend around $100 on a stereo... at that price the Sony model actually has a better S/N ratio than the Pioneer... what exactly did you mean by "better performing?"
the features alone on the pioneer make it worth it.

well, im just a plain consumer who has used a pioneer deck, and a sony deck. i liked my pioneer deck for the reasons ill state again. im sure some professional or real audiophile can debunk my whole opinion as being a dumb consumer, but this is just how i see it. its got more power. they have the same power throughout its range at 50wx4 and 22rms. the high pass filter is great. that alone has improved the sound in my car. i think id get a lot of use of independently changing the sound of the rear speakers. i havent yet been able to in my s2000 since it only has front speakers, but i think it would useful in the crx configuration with the rear speakers being where they are to accentuate the bass in the rear without driving the highs equally. eventually, i think ill get some new speakers to put in the rear of the s2000. the automatic volume adjusting between radio and CD is cool too. i always hate that about my stock head unit, or any typical player. pioneer also puts some other features i really am not sure how to appreciate since im not an audiophile. but, at least theyre there...

like i said, im trading to a lower model deck in my s2000 simply because the extra high pass filter, and i dont like the OEL display. oh yeah, and the rear aux input, but i dont think ill be using it.

the sony model you want just seems like a bottom end deck. id rather spend the $100 on a pioneer unit than that sony model.

up to you. hope no matter what, youre happy.
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Hey thanks Tyson I totally appreciate it!

I think I'll just go over to Circuit City and check them both out for myself.

Thanks again :D
Hey, I had a Pioneer DEH 4700 MP head unit along with 4 of the db 650's in my accord wagon and it was a great system. The highs are real crisp and the lows are decent for a 6.5. I plan on putting it in a 91 Si that I'm getting this summer. I'm sure the Sony head unit is comparable. Good luck and enjoy.
im glad this thread got bumped.

i finally installed the 4800MP head unit in my s2000 and didnt like it, ONLY because the LCD display washes out at the viewing angle where the radio sits in the S2000 which is kinda low. the fore/back contrast goes away when viewing from the driving seat, but not the passenger seat..., so i knew that was going to annoy me.

so i put the 7600MP back in. and while doing so, i discovered how to get rid of the VERY annoying "reversing" of the OEL screen which makes the screen really bright. so now im REALLY happy with it. lol. except it doesnt have the finer resolution in HPF frequencies that the newer 4800MP had. but thats ok, i think its fine, at least i can set it either at 50 or 80hz, altho 63hz is perfect..

id still recommend the 4800MP for the CRX as the position of the radio is much more directly in front of the drivers view so the contrast wouldnt wash out at all. and the sound was great for the short time it was installed in the s2000.

im not sure what to do with the 4800MP. maybe ill install it in the CRX. im currently using the old s2000 deck and i like it because its more stock looking, keep the viewing theives away. but it doesnt play mp3 cd's. if anyone wants it for $100 shipped, ill consider it.
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Hey thanks for the offer. Now that you mention it, I really like the old Sony CDX-3100 that I have now because of the green backlit LCD display that's totally easy to read in both direct sunlight and at night. Plus it has that flat-black stock look that most people think is the original radio. So I think I'm going to just order a used one on ebay to replace the one I have... unless I can find a higher-powered CDX-5100... and then get some of those Polk db650s.
hey tyson, how did you get rid of the reverse display effect? I hate that too. dark/bright, back and forth....

the first thing you do on new pioneers is turn them off, then hit the disp button and the band/esc button. That disables the demo mode and the reverse flip screen.

On the current series you can turn the radio off, hold the rotary knob in until you get into the config menu, and all those options are there. Including defeating the auto-open of the motorized face radios and the warning beeb.

<------currently has a Premier DEH-P980BT

Ive had at least 8 seperate pioneer head units in the past, and used to sell car audio, and I defintely prefer them to anything else Ive had in terms of features and value. (Ive also had clarion, sony, kenwood, alpine, jvc, panasonic, eclipse, and nakimichi)

[email protected]
So I swapped my Sony CDX-3100 headunit out today with the identical replacement, and I noticed four yellow adjustment screws on the top of the chasis.

Does anyone know what these are for?

I'm guessing pots for trimming audio characteristics of some kind... didn't have time to mess with it today though. Any ideas?
mattminerDOTcom said:

the first thing you do on new pioneers is turn them off, then hit the disp button and the band/esc button. That disables the demo mode and the reverse flip [email protected]
argh. really i kicked myself when i figured it out MONTHS later. now i actually like leaving the radio door open so i can see the screen and see whats playing now. whereas before i just kept it closed.
Wow so I put in those db650s in front and they sound freaking AWESOME! They also fit right in the cups that were in there - that the old 5 1/2" Polks were mounted in. Yay!

I might do the backs too, although the old rear 6 1/2" Polks are still okay... but these new db650s are just so much better...

BTW Fry's has Polk db650s on their website for $59 in case anyone else is thinking of getting new speakers... they're a little more in the stores but you can talk them down to close enough.
I guess I got my wish with getting rid of the display...since it was stolen! :p

Time to buy something cheap once the insurance comes through...
ouch. :evil:

wanna buy a pioneer deck? :twisted: $100
tyson said:
ouch. :evil:

wanna buy a pioneer deck? :twisted: $100
is it a cd player, what's the model number?
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