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sound deadening material suggestions

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I am installing a rear seat and have all the interior out (in the back). Should I apply some dynamat type of stuff to reduce noise?
I am planning on buying some replica bass tubes.
Any experiences / suggestions / ideas?
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ive heard good things about the paint on stuff. i bought a gallon and will be putting it on my s2000. i consider reducing the amount of interior noise in my crx a lost cause....
Go to home depot and buy " Protecto wrap" it is a roof and gutter repair tape. it is a tar/rubber like thick tape with a very sticky material on one side and aluminum foil on the other side. Almost the Same thing as Dynamat but a heck of alot cheaper. I used it to insulate the trunk in my CRX ad it did the job just fine.
It weighs something yeah.
But unless you're a hardcore quarter mile junkie you don't notice the difference.

I weighed all the back plastic once. Trust me when I say you'll save more taking a leak and a dump.
seriously. ppl probably pile more junk and crap in the trunk and leave it there than any sound deadening or interior plastic is ever going to weigh.

1 gallon of e-dead is 10 lbs WET. enough to apply 3 coats to the interior supposedly. at least the interior of the s2000. one of these days ill get around to doing it myself....
The stock tar and rubber weighs just under 30 lbs for the whole CRX, as measured by a friend of mine.
There is this brush on stuff the datsun guys use called "QUIET CAR" If it can make a datsun quiet, sure will work on a cr-x lol..
I have dynamat in my 88 CRX for my sub... but honestly, I dont know if it really needs to be there, as I have a sub in my 86 as well without dynamat, and nothing shakes or rattles.... but im not the expert....
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll weigh my options. Seems like the brush-on stuff would be the easiest to apply.
andrey320 said:
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll weigh my options. Seems like the brush-on stuff would be the easiest to apply.
I have used it and it is a mess. The stuff I wrote about took me 10 minutes to insulate the trunk. All you need is a knife. Do what you like best, I have found out that people need to make mistakes to learn lessons. I did.
i've heard mixed review about what i used. when i did my old 95 civic coupe i used "Ice and Water Shield" i picked up at home depot for $65 for a roll of 125sqft. the this was a pretty easy to used. it took 2 of us 9 hours to used the whole roll inside the civic. 125sqft is alot we did like 85% of the whole inside of the car, the whole truck and car cabin. what was weird about it was when the windows was closed you really couldn't here anything outside. it sound like a person w/a stock radio trying to pump their radio, till you opened the door. lol. my old setup:

audioban deck 1200n
audiobahn componet - abc525t
audioban subs - 2 - 1200q
audiobahn subbox - chb12te(1.3cuft per chamber)
audiobahn amps - a4401t (280 watts rms 4ch), 2 - a1801t(560 watts rms mono amps)
audiobah capicator - 2 caps - 1 per amp.
audiobahn misc - anything and everything you can get(i.e. amp kit, power spilters, fuses, neg blocks, etc)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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