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Sound Deadening Removal

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I finally did it today. Now i have another vehicle i can do some more work to the crx. A few weeks back we had a very heavy rain...too bad for me I left my window half way down :( . I had about an inch of water behind my driver seat. I soaked and vacuumed out what i could but,....the mold smell. its gotten so bad i cant stand to drive it.

I pulled the carpet out, its beyond cleaning so it headed to the trash. Im going to make up my own in a week or two. I was dreading removing the deadening but it was actually very easy. Bet you wont hear that often.
I used a rubber mallet and a putty scraper and a pry bar. Just started beating it and it started chipping away. Kinda like a roof shingle, just brittle.

Here is a an after pic

Now for what is on everyones mind....Weight. How much? Lucky for you I picked up what I could and weighed it.

6 lbs in the bag. there was probably atleast another 2 lbs that i couldnt pick up. It was flying everywhere. There is alot outside the car that I havent picked up.

Now I need to vacuum it out clean it some more and im going to por-15 the floor pan before it gets new carpet.

Ive heard horror stories about doing this. Everything from grinding wheels, whizzer wheels, chemical and Composimo used liquid nitrogen to freeze it and shatter it. It was about 70 degrees out today so it wasnt the cold. All in all it took me about an hour and a half including a couple breaks.
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Nice and clean mang!
I see also that you relocated your fuse box eh?
So your black krix wasn't really black originally? Hmm. Nice job on that. I can't believe it was that easy after hearing everybody else talk about how bad it is.
i was amazed at how easily it came off. im still amazed. i guess honda didnt paint the inside of the shell, it is originally black though.

I have the fuse box, map sensor relocated under the dash. i stretched some other wires to hide the plugs inside the car to clean up under the hood too. Now I just need to find a carpet thats easy to work with.
savestheday21 said:
how long did that take you?
black_krix_si said:
All in all it took me about an hour and a half including a couple breaks.
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:lol: im happy with it. i still need to vacuum out the little pieces so i can paint it. i might pull the padding off the firewall as well but its been raining for 2 days now, so thats on hold....and yes my windows are up :)b
black_krix_si said:
Now I just need to find a carpet thats easy to work with.
Let us know what carpet you go with and the install. I've been sporting no carpet for a little over a year now. I just used velcro to keep the original floor mats from moving around. I think jet black carpet would look pretty good.
id paint the interior to match and say screw the carpet if i didnt have to have a complete interior for shows. floor mats would be fine.

anyone see how hot the interior of this rex looked just painted?

this was one of my two faves in the entire country(although it was totalled)
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well i would go with no carpet but during the summer its going to be a DD on sunny days. where i work alot of dirt gets tracked it with me so its easier to vacuum out. I dont plan on any competition, maybe aim for a magazine cover or somthing after i get my H22 in.
Round 2....Fight!!!

I pulled the rear carpet out today. I hate rain. My taillight gaskets are leaking so more water...luckily none on the rear carpet....phew...
I started taking out the patches under where the cargo box used to be and the part that goes into the spare tire area. Still pretty easy to get out.
After the 6lbs from the front I didnt expect the rear to be so much, but it was another 4.8lbs!! Im up to 10.8 lbs removed so far. Not bad for a few hours of my time.

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