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connoisseur proudly presents: American Tire's Tri-Club Meet
Saturday April 29th, 11am-4:30ishpm

1562 S. Azusa Ave
City of Industry, CA 91748
Located at the Puente Hills Mall, City of Industry

Free Food, Free Drinks, Free Tire Services*, Discounts On Sets of Tires/Wheels

the reason why im hosting my very first meet at my work was because i know alot of people that want tire service done on their car. it would be hard for me to get hold of everyone one-by-one so i thought it would be more convenient for them just to come to me while im at work. im hosting it exactly a month from now for you guys to adjust your schedule accordingly.

i've got my manager, Rich, to give discounts to those that attend the meet, discounts include purchases on a set of tires, wheels, lug nuts, etc... that day. trust me, you will save alot if you attend! we have alot of tires on stock from falken, kumho, yokos, bla bla blaa but if its a specific size or make, please let me know before hand so i could either check if we have them on stock or to order them a few days in advance. if you purchase tires/wheels/wutnot, i'll personally mount them

Rich is providing me an entire bay to make the tire servicing go as quickly as possible. dont worry if your car is slammed cuz theres a way around that. if you happen to have a nail in the tread area, need your tires rotated/balanced, air checked, shinned, etc i'll do it free of charge. seriously!

for those that attend other meets and stayed only in one area, you wont at this one. theres going to be a peer review of all the cars that will be attending. the judging will be in classes which are: cleanest engine bay, cleanest jdm, cleanest sleeper, cleanest interior, most unique setup. prizes are worth going for, trust me!

there will be free food, free drinks, live music, several vendors, and hopefully even models out there to help promote the meet and the store as well.

i'll keep you guys posted as i find out which vendors will show up. im hopping for a large turnout since im also posting the meet on,,, and even on myspace.

if you guys have any questions, feel free to pm me
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