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Spare Tire Sub?

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As we all know, the CRX has limited trunk capacity, most of which I'd like to salvage if possible, when installing my subs/amp in the trunk. In the past, I have had a BIG single 12" sub box that TRULY rocked, but left little to no space for hauling groceries. I also had a smaller,slimmer 10" box that was an improvement, but I found it was still awkward for putting larger items in the trunk.

Now I'm thinking of taking out the spare tire (or leaving it...details below), fabbing up a new floor out of 3/4" MDF, and mounting a pair of 10's or a twelve (or two!) in the spare tire well, with the amps mounted to the rear of the divider panel.

Has anybody done/seen this done correctly and can offer some tips? I'm thinking the ideal way to go about it is having an actual box laying in the spare tire well, driver facing up, and the floor cutout to allow the sound out. I'm not sure how this works for keeping things off the speaker itself, but any advice is welcome.

Also, if anyone has any advice how to do this and KEEP the spare tire, please speak up! I'm all ears!
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I had a setup exactly like that in my first car, a 240SX hatchback. The enclosure was made of fibreglass, and made to look like the floor of the hatch. The sub was facing straight up at the glass, and the amprack was built into the floor. The sub and amp both had covers over them to hide them.

My car broke down and it was broken into twice that night. Both times, no one even looked in the back, as it appeared to be empty! :D
I'm wondering if an RSX-S subwoofer would fit in our little 13" spares.
Sounds like what I'm trying to do, 'cept I know I don't have the coin to drop on custom fiberglass, so I'll settle for MDF covered in microfiber, all done with Love! (Translation - a DIY job in the backyard).

So, does anybody else have any suggestions?
jfrolang said:
I'm wondering if an RSX-S subwoofer would fit in our little 13" spares.
'90-93 Integra 14" spares will fit back there as well. I switched mine out after upgrading the front brakes.
Ok, now we just need to know the size of an RSX spare. I'm guessing at least 15" based on the size of the brakes.
just do the fb box yourself they really arenb't that hard, depending on where your located if you need help i could cruz over and give you a ahnd
I'm leaning towards MDF and removing the spare tire altogether. I'm thinking single DVC 12", or twin 10" SVCs....haven't decided.

Here's my tentative plan:

Place an already-fabbed hatchback box (the angled kind) on its back in the spare tire well, angled towards the trunk for "sub display value". then make a new floor/amp support around it using MDF. Carpet both in same the material (my wife is making a play for microfiber: YUM!). A solid MDF board would open/lift out easy enough to service the sub/amp, and would be fairly easy to install. A pre-fab box would relieve me of having to create one myself.

Anybody wanna make a case for using a bandpass box here?

Thoughts on install/possible problems, guys?
I had a setup like this in my *cough* *cough* Geo Metro *cough* *cough* setup a single slab of mdf then cut pieces of mdf to fit perfect around the spare tire, then centered a single 12 inch sub so that it would fit inside the hub of the spare, then i used sergical tubing around the area to seal it and setup some bolts with nuts to secure the nicely cut slab of mdf to keep air from leaking out... pretty much the same thing with the crx.. probably do that to mine soon as i miss running my dual 12's in my bandpass.. but they deffinately take up too much room..
I know a friend that has the sub/spare tire setup and it hits hard because it's pointed towards the glass and it enhances the punch. It's mdf that was cut with a jig saw to fit perfectly into the spare tire hole. sounds good
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