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well, first off i have a JDM B16A swap in my 89 dx, my speedo cable is all the way in my cluster, but my needle jumps around a lot, do u think that would be my cluster, cable or speed sensor?

thank u
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If it's jumping around mostly at low speed, it generally indicates a speedo cable that got bent somehow. A new cable will fix it.
well here ill give u more info on my cluster, it jumps around when im just cruisin, the second i start moving the slightest bit it jumps like right up to 10mph, iv tested it before when i had 13 stealies on there and at 50mph it was 10 over reading 60 on my cluster. at low speeds i couldnt even tell u, now i have 15" integra rims and its all over the place. i dont know if i have the B16 speed sensor in, but if i do i could change that becuase i know that would do **** like that, but im jw if there is something wrong with my cluster, i dont think my cable is screwed up, but i can get that easy.. ... h=imgAnch1

that is a picture of my speed sensor, this is my first crx out of my 6 cars and i dont know how a lot of it works because all my other ones have been electric... so if u can tell by looking at that picture please let me know if its the B16 speed sensor or if its a dx speed sensor
I'm thinking it's your speedo gear in the transmission (speed sensor as you've been calling it). The speedo gear measures the rotations of the tranny's output shaft, and it should be matched to the stock tire size, so you should use the dx gear. I can't tell from the picture what you have in there though.

The wrong tire size would also contribute to a speedo error, but not for the jumping around. A bouncing speedo is probably the cable, it's not uncommon for it to be bent or twisted a bit during a swap. What size are your tires?

The speedo cable is a direct mechanical connection to the speedometer, and it's unlikely the cluster has gone bad. The only times I've seen a speedometer go wrong are when the cluster is opened up and somebody plays with the needles. The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is in the cluster, and converts the mechanical cable input to an electrical signal for the ECU. If there was something wrong with the VSS signal you'd be getting a code 17.
alright cool.

my rims r 15X6 and my tires r 195/55/15

i talked to the guy i bought it from last night and i didnt get a straight answer from him but his words were "the same speed sensor that was in there" which means im pretty sure is the B16 one, and the cluster is set up for the dx one.

well on my cluster i know my tach dosent work, and when i took it off to check the cable, it seemed like there was a ground BARLY on the back of the cluster, and it seemed like things were just like falling off... do u think it would be wise to replace everything at once?
Ok, your tires aren't the perfect size, but they're very close, and they wouldn't cause your speedo to read 60 at 50mph. The correct tire size for 15's on a CRX is 195/50-15.

The non-working tach may be because of a loose connection. The tach signal comes from the blue wire on the far left (driver's) side of the cluster. A new cluster is a good idea, and it's a good time to upgrade too. Since you have a B16, I would recommend this cluster.

You can buy them here, though they're a little bit pricey. Worth it in my opinion, for a cluster that shows the true nature of your engine. It will require a bit of rewiring to work in your 89 dx, but it's not terribly difficult.

A new speedo cable should cure the bouncing speedo, and then the different speedo gear should fix the speedo error. So yeah, looks like replacing those three things should get you all set.

If you decide to get that different cluster, this link explains how to make the necessary wiring changes for it to work.
it would plug right in to my car, the guy before me swapped the si wiring harness behind the dash, so i havent allt he plugs that they say on the link explaining it...

do u know the company that makes those? becuase that is something that i would like to have, especially my friend, he has a ls tranny in his with a b16. but it was becomming a hassle trying to find 195/50/15 tires, hell i couldnt find one set of them, i was going to get 205/50/15 but my rims werent wide enough for them so i just decided to go with the 195's

but i would like to know more info on that higher mph cluster, and how much do cables and the speedo gears go for?
You seriously couldn't find 195/50-15 tires?

The cluster is OEM Honda from the UK.

A new speedo cable is about $30 from a Honda dealer.

A new speedo gear itself is about $32 from Honda. I think you could find someone willing to sell the complete assembly that bolts to the tranny, used, but cheaper.
well im really picky with tires, and i needed tires REALLY bad.. i mean my old ones were just about ready to blow up on me... and i wanted to get some new ones on my rims asap
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