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I got back all the quotes for a complete engine R/R for use with nitrous oxide. Keep in mind this is in Pa.

Shop 1/ Does OEM and dirt track mostly.
(B16A1)JE Pistons (10.7:1), JE rings, Eagle rods block work (.040 overbore) and basic head work.
-no cams

Shop 2/ Does mostly racing applications -drag, circle track etc.
(All B series) JE Pistons (10.7:1), JE rings, block work (.040 overbore), complete head R/R w/stainless valves, new springs and retainers.
-no rods, no cams

JDM long block (b16a1):
~ 1000.00 (includes basic gaskets, clutch, water pump, timing belt).

So how does this compare to the rest of the world outside of Pa?
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