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"spiders on drugs"

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Canada always does great research -
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I thought it was true untill the THC spider made a hammic (can't spell worth crap)......ovr all i think i liked the caffine spider haha
Wow man that was good.
At first I thought it was totally serious. But then I saw the word "Canada". :wink:
Regarding the spelling:
When I post something that I am not sure on how to spell, I open a word document and type it in there. If it is spelled incorrectly, it will have a red line under it. Right click the word and look at the suggestions.
Sometimes I type entire responses in word and then copy and paste.
For some reason it loaded half way and got to the caffine spider then I waited about 10 minutes to see the conclusion and laughed pretty hard. I thought it was serious!
i didin't even know till the cocain spider thought work was for sucka's wow i'm slow.
i'm crying right now. damn that was great.
LOL i just found this same video on my local rx7 board. its amazing how fast stuff travels over the internet.
Awesome. Roommate (above) showed me... cant stop laughing.
yeah that was great. . . . i liked the hoppin car. . . .
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ahhhhahahahaha poor crack spiders *&^*&....restraining order.. lol
man my side hurts from laughing..
Nice find.
JKG08 said:
I thought it was true untill the THC spider made a hammic (can't spell worth crap)
Just get Firefox as it has a built-in spell checker.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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