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Sprint Springs, any opinions?

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So I've been convinced to go with KYB AGX shocks for my car instead of the Illuminas (thanks Jonny Black). I found a set used that comes with Sprint springs, with 2" drop. I don't plan on using them, but I was wondering if they are any good, I've never heard of them before. If they are, I'll sell them and try to make my net price on the shocks pretty good. Anybody running these? Anybody interested in buying some if I get them?
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I had looked at them about 4 yrs ago, I was thinking of buying them, but being in school I never had the cash to. Now I'm thinking along the lines of Tien S-Techs
Junk from what I've read. No personal experience w/ them though. Tein S-Techs all the way! Smoooooooth as butter.
The Tein S-Tech springs are just that: "Street-Tech"... it is a VERY smooth ride, not 'racey'... also the drop is only about 1-1.5" or so i believe. Basically, if you are looking for handling, like auto-cross or something, or drag racing, then the S-Tech springs won't give you the best of any world... but for a 100% street driven car, the S-Techs are nice.

As for the Sprint, well... i have no idea where they are made.... lol. I'd personally go for a nice set of coilovers.

And the used shocks? Well, be very weary of used shocks... on a shock, abuse can be cleaned off (oil leak, etc), and you won't know until you go to use them.
sorry to kinda hi-jack this, but, Composimo, would you recommend them for a weekend/nice day car that is autocrossed? I'm really not looking to trailor the car in, so I don't want some hardcore race springs(coil-overs), nor can I afford them right now. Or would a spring like the H&Rs be better? my former roommate had them on his rex, 2" drop and a decent, yet slightly bouncy ride, for using stock shocks.
rex2nr: Well, considering you can autocross 'anything', i'd say sure, why not? You will sacrifice performance at the autocross in exchange for a more comfy ride on the street. If that is an agreeable sacrifice, then sure, why not?

However, i do suggest that you do not put any aftermarket spring on a stock shock. The S-Tech is pushing it, but it can be done i suppose, but anytime you increase the spring rate without increasing dampening to be able to control the spring, you will get more bounce, and it won't be a very fun (or good handling) ride.
hey, that was my former roommate, and another reason I haven't done springs yet :p
I have a set of Tokico HPs with the Tein S-Tech springs. I don't autocross or race my car, it's strictly a street car, and the springs definitly get a thumbs up from me!

Good spring for the price.
Are those the same as Sprint?
no, the tiens were just a suggestion
Oh ok. I plan on getting Ground Controls, I just wanted to know if the Sprints were any good, if I buy the package from this guy I'll either sell them or give them to a friend of mine with an EF.
For the longest time I've been planning on the Eibach Pro-kit and Tokico Illuminas. But from reading here and thinking more about it, I'm considering the Ground Control coilovers and KYB AGX shocks.

JonnyBlack - Could you explain why you would go with the KYB's instead of the Tokico's?

Also, how is the ride quality on the Ground Control's vs just a normal spring setup like the Eibach Pro-kit or Sportlines?
I had a set on my car for about 3 years. A little stiff but no big deal. I pulled them off my car about Nov. I was told my car was to low and was causing axle problems. Come to find out it was the tranny rebuild. Anyways. I had a set and then went to a set Eibach's, no real difference. If you want they are still sitting in my garage. Just let me know.
Seriously? Sending a PM now.
They are Sprint springs. Note topic.
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