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SPYWARE!!! AHHHHHHH!!! help me please

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ok i am in dire need of a good FREE spyware remover, i have pop ups like fin crzy, and little downloasds from them that just make it impossible fo rme to get this computer to go anywhere, its taken me like 5 minutes to get this far, lol, and banners keep showing up on the web page above everthing at the top of the page, even this very page

is there anyone who know what i can do that doesn't cost me anything please help
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If you are using windows, which I assume you must be, I used to use Microsoft Anti Spyware, it was a beta at the time, I don't know if it is still or what, but it was pretty good.
where can i find it at?

godd this pissin me off every 3 words i have to clik back on this window
Search microsoft or google.
I use Ad-Aware SE from Lavasoft
Pest patrol and AVG free
i use a combination of spybot search and destroy and ad-aware

they work fantastic together
Ad-Aware. Full system scan. Full scan with your anti-virus. If you don't have one, check

Go through your Add/Remove Programs, remove what shouldnt be there.

Internet Explorer: Tools menu > Internet Options > Delete cookies, files, clear history, etc.
Restore the security settings back to default.

Click Start > Run. Type "msconfig" . Services tab: Check "hide all Microsoft Services", then click on "disable all". Click on the Startup tab: click on "disable all".
Click Apply. Click close. Restart computer (click ok and just close the Sytem Configuration utility when it comes up), and do a full system scan with Ad-Aware again.
yup, i second ad-aware.

but if you still have problems i would low level format with a killdisk and then reformat. your computer will love you for it.
I used to have this was when mark was having this problem..I bet he can tell yousome war stories too.

But I haven't had a lick of an issue since I got firefox. get will be so much happier.
yea, firefox, avast antivirus, Spybot S&D, Adaware

all are free and work excellent
we use spybot here at the government. it's free and updates frequently. ad aware is good as well.

never have been a fan of any microsoft security related....
Two words that NEVER belong together- "Microsoft" and "Security".

Actually Windows would be fairly secure if Mr. Bill & his buds hadn't got a bug up their ass about Netscape and decided to imbed Internet Exploder into the OS..... :roll:
ok the microsoft beta didn't work a lick, i had to go into doss and use the "winsock / reset" b/c my freggin hardware currpterd of something, i will try adware and spybot and if those don't work i am just going to reformat....... i just did it last week tho
well there hasn't any pop ups yet, i got one of those banners that insert on the web page above everything

sooooo adware is the winner thus far
i use firefox, spybot, ad aware and registry mechanic. and dont have any problems
Install the google toolbar.
It takes care of 99% of the popoups on mine.
spybot is good...go to they have tons of free downloads.
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