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Well, i did some much needed maintenance on my car yesterday. Been so busy with work that I've been ignoring the little beast for nearly 6 weeks now. I replaced the master cylinder, swapped the steering rack, lubed the front suspension, connected up the e-brake cables, and installed a stock rear stabilizer (anti sway) bar.

I replaced my 7/8" bore MC with a 15/16" bore MC from a 91 ex. hving a pedal tat stay stif and doesn't creep to the floor is quite a nice thing. i can feel the difference in the bore size, with less stopping power per unit effort, but luckily i'm suck a hulkling guy... I also couldn't seem to find any DOT 5.1 fluid at any of my 4 local parts stores so I used the valvoline synthetic to flush and fill the system. boy was the old fluid dirty. now I need to look for stainless steel lines.

Wow, I thought changing out the steering rack in my car was going to be a big pain because of what everyone told me. But, much to my surprise, it turned out to be one of the easier items I have replaced in my car. If anyone ever wants help doing this, let me know. Just a few simple steps and bam, it slides right out, then back in.

Found out that I lost the bracket arm for the right brake cable so I'll have to go get one from honda or something.

I also installed the stock Si rear stabi bar onto my dx chassis without welding. Since the holes are there in the chassis just with no welded nuts behind them I took a 3/8" bit and drilled up through the rear floorboard. i then took a stepped bit and opened those holes up big enough to fit a 14mm socket through. I used some spare 14mm damper top hat nuts that already have the lock washer attached and dropped them down with a magnetic tool. Then put the socket on them and threaded the bolt in from underneath. Vioala! Just like stock. I'm going to insert some grommets in the top hole sand it will look quite clean. I had read some oher posts about people drilling up and using long bolts but I didn't do this because it improperly loads the metal of the floorboard in tension, rather than the thicker frame metal. Also, tightening those long bolts tends to crish the floorboard which i found out when I had my hitch on the car. Seriously, I hate it when engineers design things poorly!

Anyway, now my car is pretty much completely an Si sans-sunroof. I'm thinking of using my old roofskin and sunroof, but I just love being lighter!

Alright, well thats it. If anyone ever needs a hand with any of these types of things let me know.
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