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ugadogg said:
Here's the bad:
1) All four wheels/tires are gone. Not a big deal as these can easily be replaced.
2) The JDM Integra steering wheel is gone.
3) The center console is gone.
4) The hatch cover is gone.
5) All of the stereo equipment (Pioneer head unit, XM radio, 2 subs, amps and box) are gone.
6) The battery is gone. They just cut the wires, so new cables would be needed.
7) The spark plug wires are gone.
8. The OEM floor mats are gone.
9) VIN plate from the door and dash are gone; however, the VIN that is on the firewall was untouched.

Here is what is still in one piece:

1) Dash
2) Door panels (dirty, but still in good condition)
3) Seats (dirty, but still in good condition)
4) Small trunk behind the seat
5) Gauge cluster
6) Climate control
7) Sunroof (including OEM sunroof deflector that is very hard to find)
8 ) All glass
9) Taillights/Headlights
10) All body panels (doors, hatch, hood, fenders, bumpers, etc)
11) Suspension (Tokico shocks and H&R springs...a few years old)
12) Brakes...Brembo blank rotors and Hawk pads that I had installed the morning it was stolen.
13) far as I could tell, the engine was still in decent shape. I wouldn't really know how much damage was done during the stripping or towing until I got it home.

As of right now, I'm not sure what to do. I have two options...

1) Find some wheels/tires and a steering wheel very quickly (a day or less) and have it towed home for further investigation. Since the core of the car (body, engine, glass, brakes, etc) are still in good shape, I'm tempted to make this my project car and restore it to original condition over the next many, many years.

Any thoughts? Anyone in the Phoenix area selling some wheels/tires and a steering wheel?!! :wink:
What luck!
I would stick with option #1 and keep it. The main core of the car is there and, for now, wheels/tires and a steering wheel are easy to find just to get it up and drivable.
Most of the things missing are easily replacable, but be grateful you got the car back without it being completely hacked up.
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