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Stopped by this house today...

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I drive by this house every day on the way to work. It has a red CRX that has obviously been sitting for a very long time. It's always outside in the exact same place, never moves. I always said that if I ever see someone outside, I'm going to stop and talk to them and see what the deal is with that car. And tell them about this site of course.

Well, on the way home after work today, I see someone had just pulled in the driveway and someone was getting out of their SUV. So I pull in and get out. It looked like a teenager was being dropped off at the house. He got out of the passenger side and looked at me with a disgusted look, obviously annoyed that I was there. I asked if he lived here, he said yes. I asked if it was his car, he said yeah. And as I got closer to the car, I noticed a note taped to the side window. It said "NOT FOR SALE!". lol. And the kid proceeded to tell me it wasn't for sale, annoyed at my presence.

So I said "Ok, well I just stopped and wanted to tell you about my website." I gave him a couple of cards and told him that if he needed any help with the car, let me know. So I thanked him and went on my way. Apparently they get a lot of people stopping by trying to buy their CRX. I wanted to ask more about it to see if it ran, why it's always sitting there, etc. But he seemed like he just wanted me to leave. So I left. I hope he finds his way to this site. He looked almost old enough to drive soon. So I figured they are just keeping the car for him to drive some day. Or something. I may never know. But who knows? Maybe he'll sign up here and let us all know about it.
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I hope he comes and signs up! Yet from all the inqueries hes probably gotten about it, he is most likly going to assume you were there to buy it(like you said). So I can see where he is coming from, but I hope he signs up and sees a good guy with a good website for help if he needs any!
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