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Stripped transmission mount bolt hole. Best way to fix?

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Hey guys. I was in the process of removing the rear transmisison bolts that hold the mount bracket onto the transmission. One of those bolts came out but all the aluminum threads from the transmission came with it! What is the best way to fix this problem? Heli-coil? Timesert? Weld the hole and re-tap? I would prefer to stay with the same sized bolt.
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If you can find helicoils for that size, go with that. I did a horrible ghetto solution and just 'made' a 1/2x20 bolt go in there and it held reasonably well (reasonably for a bad job, of course).
a couple of my bols are screwed like that 2. right now they are ghetto rigged since theres like 5 other bolts holding it ogether and its not a big deal but eventual i will go with these.

this is the best solution IMO. but they are costly, like 50 bucks for a set thats only 1 size
Where can you get the timeserts? Does anywhere sell them online?
what i did was go buy a coarser thread pattern and tap out the hole. then screw in a new bolt of the new size. very simple and easy. cant remember what size those holes are though. you're talking about the ones on the transmission, which the rear mount bolts to right? i could probably just send you the tap if you want. its easiest and cheapest by far and gets the job done very professional like.
sticker i just gave you the website, lol. and im pretty sure you will have to call them i dont think you can order through their site.
i have been using heli-coils for years with great results on everything from head bolts to tranny mounts to spark plugs.... def the way to go.... then I saw these timeserts.... these look like a great product as well.... looks more like a solid insert than the wound up heli coil.... wither way. the repair will be 2 times as strong as the stock threads....

as the pressure on the bolt is divided onto the bolt threads and the threads on the part its self. . .

good luck. . .. just follow the instructions and be precice when drilling out the hole and you will be in good shape.. . . I worked in a tranny shop for 3 years and alot of our cores that we rebuilt had stripped out mounts.... we heli coiled them and forgot about them never had a proble, with them , , ,

Good luck .; .
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