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crxvtec91 said:
I need to swap my y7 head for a y8 and throw a small turbo kit at it.
I like my ported y7 once the ports are opened up and smoothed out it really isn't that bad at all
Meech said:
"I know it sounds like [crud] and I really dont care. It cost me $28 anyways." LOL :rofl:

Nice work man. :)b
Thanks it runs really well and the tq is a nice bonus :)

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People need to start looking at the dates of the last posts in a thread...
Why does it upset you so much when people reply to an old thread?

I think it's a good thing. If a person's question is pertinent to the information in the thread, then it keeps in the information in one thread. If he were to have started another thread to ask his question:
A) It then means that someone else searching in the future is going to have to go through 2 threads of info rather than 1, and
B) You would have then jumped in and asked him if the "bothered to search?"

In my opinion, he made the right decision..

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I see the thread date as irrelevant. It's the information that's important. As for getting a reply....there are 2 pages worth of other members that can respond, in addition to any new members who click on the thread.
Agree to disagree...
But a majority of the members within this thread, haven't logged in in a few years.
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