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well i picked up a ebay strut tower brace for a 90 to 91 crx si ,but it didnt fit the first gen lol , so i modded the **** out of the mounts check it out

as you can see in this pic that the hole wasent even close ,and the bolt holes were of allso

at first i was just going to make the hole bigger ,which would work fine ,but i choose to go another route

so i marked where i wanted to cut first

and chopped them off ,and found rust under the paint lol fudgen ebay lol

cleaned up

then i took the mount and cut the ends off ,then welded in my own peice
welded here and here

then i took some plate steel and cut it to 6 inches ,then messured 2 inches on each side and notched/csored it with the grinder it so i could put the bends in

then i lined it up for a test fit ,cleaned it up i tacked it to the base of the mount

then i took the brace hangers and had to straghten them to mount right ,so i just threw them in the vice lol

still not straght so i hammered the rest out :wink:

then i had to straighten the hangers so they didnt point up ,and then tack welded on

here is a side by side pic of the mount before and after
as you can see there will not be hodd issues now and allso there will not be carb issues

here is how the brace gave me somewhere to mount the fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure guage :wink: the zip ties will not be there lol

all thats left is the finish welding and clean up lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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