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Sunroof removal and replacement - instructions needed

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Would someone who has done this please give me step by step description of how you remove and replace the sunroof panel? I assume that you have to pull the headliner away from the panel to expose the mounting bolts. I'd appreciate some tips before I tear into the project and learn the hard way! Thanks.
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THAT was one of the links I lost.... very good write up of how to remove the entire sunroof, including the semi-contortionist positions needed to safely remove it, lol.

First, remove the dome light, there are 2 screws under the cover that will allow that and the trim piece around it to come down. Next, pull the A pillar trim, the drivers side just clips in and the passenger side has 2 screws under the clips for the grab handle. Carefully pop the cover off the rear view mirror, and remove that, the mirror, and the trim around the seatbelt lights. Then remove the trim around the sunroof. The headliner will fall out.

Now, open up the sunroof, and remove the 2 8mm bolts for the roof stopper. Then remove the 10mm bolt in the front of the slider rail. Next, slide the roof to the back of the car, and carefully remove it, watching the bolts on the paint. Now close it again.

There are a bunch of 10 or 12 mm bolts all along the roof. In the back there are 2 tabs which will hold the back up, but these are not found on the front or sides. remove the bolts laying on your back in the seats. Hold the panel up with your foot, moving from front to back on the bolts. Once its out, let it swing down with your foot, and then slide the back forward to release if from the clips.

Its been a while since I've had to remove this, so I hope I remembered all the steps, and put them in the right order. Removing the panel is what I'm most shaky on... hopefully someone can post the write up.
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I just took mine apart this last weekend, this helped a lot:

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