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Sunroof Woes

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my sunroof motor crapped out near the end of the summer(ok, december, but this is georgia). now that spring is approaching i neeeeeed to get it working again. i've read that one .pdf write up on replacing the panel, but that wasnt exactly what i was looking for.

how do i get the head liner off? where can i get a new motor? would a motor from, say, an accord work(more power :twisted: )?

uh... this might should have been in the Stock Garage, my bad :oops:
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Headliner removal:

1) Remove the sun visors and the mounting clips. I believe they take a TORX (star shaped) screw driver bit to unscrew.

2) Remove the rear view mirror. Just tug near the base until the mirror assembly pops off. The base will be left behind on the roof. Unscrew the base.

3) Remove rear plastic roof trim and interior light. Pop the cover off of the interior light and remove the screw that holes it in place. Unplug and remove the light assembly. Tug on the rear roof panel until it pops off.

4) Remove the plastic push clips from 3 places on the headliner. 2 are at the rear under wear the plastic roof panel was. The other is up front under where the rear view mirror base was.

5) Remove sunroof "fuzzy" trim. Pull off the velvet-like trim around the sunroof opening.

6) Remove the a-pillar plastic trim on the driver's side.

7) Pop out the plastic panel at the top rear of the driver's side door. It doesn't need to be removed...just popped out a bit so that you have some room to work.

8) Gently slide the headliner panel out. Be very careful. Do not force it, or you will get permanent creases in the vinyl. If it is stuck, you may need to remove the passenger's side a-pillar trim as well to remove it safely. Also, sometimes if you've had your windshield replaced, the black trim at the front of the headliner will be stuck to the windshield sealant. If this is the case, gently break it free by sliding a razor blade between the glass and the black trim piece on the front of the headliner. The headliner is delicate, so make sure you do this when you aren't in a rush. You want to take your time with it.

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As for your other question, you can get replacement motors from the wreckers or from honda. However, often, the only problem with the motor is that the brushes inside the motor have worn out. Sometimes you can get it repaired at a small motor repair shop for a fraction of the cost of a new motor. It's worth looking into.

I have no idea if other motors are compatible with the CRX sunroof. Your best bet to test this theory would be to obtain one from a wrecker and check for compatibility.
My racecar that I bought for parts is an Si and has a sunroof in bad shape but the motor is there... . not sure if it works... . but I can test it...

It is going to get scrapped. so offer me enough to make it worth pulling and testing and shipping and its yours... .
\ \ Chris
hmm. i appreciate the offer. lemme see how much it would cost to get it fixed, then i'll get back to you :wink:
just to clarify i wouldnt want someone to change a motor if they didnt need to.

the bigest problem that i personally have had with the sunroofs has been the switch . did you check to see if the motor was getting power with the switch in a moving position.

That reminds me i have a switch as well...... Just saw it today in the garage. let me know if you need anything

when i press the button i hear the motor trying to move the sunroof, but it cant without help. i lubed it up really good and it helped some...
ok, i got the headliner out (thanks Stickershop) and pulled the motor off. i dont know crap about electric motors so, i'll be finding someone around me who does and getting him to fix it. :wink:

i cleaned out the drain tubes too, man those were nasty. do i really need the little black things on the end(that go into the L shaped thing going towards the bumper)? i just stuck the tube into the L and it works fine for now....
well, i went ahead and took the sunroof off...

man that thing is solid rust. so i guess i need a new one, reskinning it wont revive this beast. now, where to find one?

Chris, is your sunroof in good shape(paint doenst matter)?

EDIT- CRAP. it looks like the gears that the motor turns are stipped...


EDIT2- ok, it kinda works.... but it looks like the panel itself is binding, and its COVERED in rust. :?
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i might go to the junkyard soon and if you want ill see if theres a 2g motor and or sunroof. last time i saw a sunroof with just a little patch of rust. it could probably be sanded off or whatever but would that matter to you? get back with me before sunday.
thanks Devin, but i'm gonna take a look at the ones around here first
Arospeed makes a functional C/F panel.
daveb91 said:
Arospeed makes a functional C/F panel.
oh? how much? can i get a link? I think last time i looked its not on the site they have alot of parts that are not listed you have to email them. i also think the have a rear cargo cover in c/f.
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