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suspension problem

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i've noticed on a flat level, my car dips to the passengers side...
what part should i look to replace? shocks, springs, control arms?

i plan on investing in tokicos, but i need to know if this will fix my problem or not.

thanks guys!
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sounds like alignment.

Have the bushings, steering rack bushing, and rod end bushings checked.
Can you give us a little more info? When did this occur? Did you notice a change in the ride quality?

If its dipping how can it be alignment? i could see if it was pulling to one side that could be the case...
My hypothesis is the shock(s) blown?
what determines ride hieght is springs plan and simple, that is all things considered that the tires are the same size and are properly inflated.
Are the tires evenly inflated? Are they of the same make and model on each side of the car?

Just trying to eliminate the simplest/obvious first...
If you are adding after market shocks and springs, i'm asuming you have stock springs righ now. Most aftermarkets have augustable ride hights so once you have them installed, you can rase that side if you still need to.
hvae you been in an accident or anything? If all the structural components are okay (control arms, knuckles) then i would say it could only be a damper or a spring issue. Or maybe you have something heavy sitting on that side of the car????
Is it low in one corner or the whole side? Have you parked the car on a level surface and taken some measurements to determine just how off this is?
I think sometimes the driver's side springs can start to sag mroe over time because the car usually always has a greater load on that side.

Let us know.
thanks for the replies. just came home from work, but here it goes:

never been into an accident. front and back tires evenly inflated, same make and size. ride quality is normal. doesnt shake even at high speeds, though i notice it drifts a little to the left if i were to let go of the steering wheel.

and that's about it. i've never measured the height of the dip, but i can say it's low enough to notice it after looking for a while.
If its pulling to one side, its alignment...
im pretty sure my alignment is a bit off, but can that really cause an uneven ride height? i thought it was the other way around...
ender_ said:
im pretty sure my alignment is a bit off, but can that really cause an uneven ride height? i thought it was the other way around...
Yes i really doubt the alignment being off is creating the uneven ride height.

It was mentioned above it could potentially be the springs?
Just a lil FYI from a suspension tech.
Springs give you ride height NOT struts.
My .02 sagging pass side spring.
Did you measure the ride height with a tape measure?
Dont use the fender as a positive measurement point.Use the inner hinge of the frt LCA(lower control arm) to measure the frt.
Use the inner hinge of the rear LCA to measure the rear.
Then simply compare the readings.Any difference say bigger than 1/8 inch is noticeable by eye.
If you are planning on dropping the car anyway you will fix the problem with spring replacement.
But like I said my .02 sagging springs most likely.
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