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Suspension question

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Ok so i'm know i'm probably going to get terminology way wrong so i'm just going to appoligize from the start. Anyway, here is my question/problem... I have a 90 crx that is lowered with some Neuspeed springs, and i'm pretty sure it has stock shocks or something close to. The problem is I feel every bump in the road. I was wondering is there a set of shocks that I should go with that would eliminate this or do I have to go back to stock height in order to get a smoother ride? Anything anyone has is much appreciated. Thanx for the help.
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i wouldnt limit ride handling issues to just shocks and springs.

lots of things in the suspension can affect the ride quality like bushings, balljoints and wheel bearings.

you have to take the time to diagnose things and isolate the issues.

yeah, stiff and low drop springs will kill an old tired set of shocks. so thats probably a good start to look into changing. but then, those springs and shocks probably caused a lot of other damage to the suspension.
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