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Suspension Questions - 1991 DX DD / Autox

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I'm currently working on fixing the body and saving enough money to put some go under my hood. I've got an LS cable tranny and mounts, linkage, etc. just working on affording a GSR and Rywire to wire it all up for me.

My question is, I was planning on running Eibach GC's with a moderate drop (cut out most of the fender gap) and Koni sports but I want to retain some of the factory ride (not extremely stiff). I do like to drag and I wouldn't mind learning and getting into SCCA / autocross some but what would the best spring rates be for mostly street / daily driving with some of drag and autox?

350 f/450 r seems to be well liked, but I'd like opinions.

Also, is a rear sway an absolute must? I've read through the install guides and it doesn't look like the funnest process on earth but I'm wondering what sort of improvement I'd see from it?

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you won't get a factroy ride with those rates! maybe you should go 300 all the way around and yes to the swaybar.
Those rates will be fine, a bit stiffer but you can't get factory feel and good handling. You'll get used to them pretty fast anyway. Check out the suspension tech sticky in the Mod Garage for more info.
Already read the suspension tech stickie :)

And I'm not too worried about factory ride comfort as I am my own comfort. I already feel every bump in the road, but I've replaced my seats with stiffer foam 2001 GSRs and I'm pretty sure my rear shocks are blown, or nearly blown. The front bounces when I press on it pretty good, so I know they need replacing pretty bad all around.

Thanks for the input!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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