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swap help...

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I got a 85 crx with a dead EW1 engine in it looking to swap a B16a1 into it... I know that hasport has a mount kit for it but I am shakey about what else I need for it. I Found the engine and tranny for about $1200. What else am I going to need and where I can get it done for me... I am a swap virgin. All help in this one is thanked in advance...
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The EW1 was carb'd. And you're even pre obd-0.
This is going to be a little more expensive and harder than your typical Honda swap because you're going to need to do a fuel injection conversion.

As for B16 instructions, Hasport documented it all: .htm

And to offer some suggestions, you should at least consider:
1. Staying with a EW engine. They're cheap as rocks, reliable and with some carb modification, can make great power.

2. Staying D-series...but dohc and fuel injected
(a) browntop dohc zc (133hp)
(b) a D16a1 from a late eighties Integra (113-118hp)
They're cheaper, easier, and performance is still impressive
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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