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Ok, so I have a longblock B20 engine at my disposal. I'll be getting it installed by the Honda guy at the dealership I used to work at.

What I need to know is what it will take to make this work? Is the wiring and the mounts all the same? Will it plug in and bolt up? Do I absolutely need the B18 ECU? What else? Also... depending on the condition of my B16 head.... I might just get them to throw that on there as well. The service advisor at the dealership actually has a LS-VTEC CRX... so he's been very helpful.

Thanks for any input folks!


Edit: Screw the B18 boys... I have myself a complete B20. Been researching all morning on the swap and its the same deal as LS VTEC, but with 26 ft/lb of torque overtop of just an LS block.
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