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SWEET! I gave out community cards today!

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I just hope this guy actually visits the site.
I told him that he can learn just about anything from this site.Thats cause we be international yO! :lol:
But it was fun repping the site to a noob. :D
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My wife gave out a card last night! She went to the grocery store and came back all excited about it. Cool
I wish I could find a girl who thought that crx's or there corresponding websites were cool..... . Lucky you Fisher..... :)


Well, she certainly doesn't appreciate CRX's, but she loves me and knows how much I love these silly cars. That's what really matters.
I drove by an apartment the other day and saw 3 CRX'es there and left cards on all of them. Don't know if they have been here yet. Also my wife loves my Rex too, she always says that it has saved us alot of money in gas money and repairs. She's gone to the last two N meets and has a great time and looks foward to this year.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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