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The B16 Build Begins

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Bought a spare block yesterday (bottom end) for $140. Goal here is 350-400HP out of a B16. Total noob here!

So from what I know, first thing I need to do is rip her apart, and get it sleeved. Should any machine shop be able to do this?

I already have Cometic head gasket and ARP head studs.

Plan to P&P the head while its off, and use ITR valvetrain and some sort of turbo cams/ ITR cams.

Pistons and rods are a given.

Any suggestions or links for me to read?
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Oh baby!

"if you are almost considering a gt turbo at 1500$+....
for 1000$ CDN, i can do a BALLBEARING turbonetics/GARRETT stage 3 t31/t04B H3 trim able of a very strong and quick spooling 400 HP. Why so cheap? i's not a "GT" and it's remanufactured. but IMO, it will look 100X better than a GT with it's mirror polished compressor cover and blue anodized backplate!!!! ;) "
good job jeff. maybe next season we'll line up together of course i'll rape you. i think i'm going to build an all motor ls-vtec this winter maybe even take those cams off you. but i wanna know how much the build is going to cost.
You'd need alot of headwork and machining, and pistons/rods to support my cams. I'll give you a hell of a deal though man.
good to know. i knew that the cams were ridiculous aggresive i'll look into seeing what i need to handle them. so are you going to the track tomorow? it's my birthday tomorow, i was going to go but i made plans for dinner before i learnt how nice it was going to be out tomorow.
I just bought a brand new turbo, so hell yeah I'll be there. 13s, here I come. Be sure to come introduce yourself if you do!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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