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the big SWAP decision

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hey guys i was looking at getting a newer engine soon. And at first i was thinking about getting a D16Z6 but then i saw the B20. i heard it is better than the d series. but how much HP do they both have kicking out to the wheels. O and plus i heard from the previous owner that B series Blow Up Easily
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That seems to be a very general assumption there that saying that all b's blow up easily....

do a little reading there is a wealth if info on the net......

here is The article on swapping a b its not a direct swap... you need mounts, linkage, ecu, axles, big hammer etc.. .

a lot better gains from a b than a d ( stock for stock) but you need to decide what your budget is and what you are comfortable with doing..

yeah the b20 crv engine is not bulletproof but it was really never designed to be cranked to 8 grand either.. but it makes TORQUE you dont have to wail on it to get it going.... b16a is popular and reliable.....
b18a integra engine has good torque runs great and is a cheap b swap since you can find the engine here in the USA in running order for little money.....

read it al up and decide on what you want to do and we all will be here to help you out along the way..
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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