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The CRXcommunity site avatar needs a-changin'......

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Just wondering where the 1G crx is in that pic?
No doubt those red, white, and yellow 2G's look nice and all, but if we're REALLY going to represent "the crx community", let's make sure both generations are represented, OK?

Believe it or not, some of us actually *like* 1G's....suprisingly to others, some of us actually *prefer* the 1G!

bryman<-----loves all CRX's, but the 1G will always be first in my heart :D
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As soon as someone can do a nice rendering of a 1-G, I'll be very happy to include it. I definitely respect the 1st gens. But I only used what I had. Opticon did those drawings from scratch, and he hasn't been on here in quite a while.

And that picture is what was printed on the "business cards" that I had printed up.
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