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Well, It is getting closer to opening day ( Sat April 30 ) and i think i might actually have it done by then... we finally finished up the cage and i got the seat mounts made and the cage painted.... last night i put it into the car.. looks good so far.... the lady at the local auto parts store gave me a super deal on all of my paint ( 2005 GM Tangerine Orange) and black for a rallye stripe.. so the colors are set blue inside orange outside black rallye stripe with chrome and blue hologrammed letters... going to the graphics shop to get the letters cut and hopefuly will be painting this weekend... the body is not the best and i rushed through the bodywork as it is just going to get smashed up alot anyway.... i just want it to look decent.... Ill post pics in a few hours.... i just took some and have to upload them once i get to work... thats all for now..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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