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The Featured CRX was always cool to see...

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I remember how I would wait for the monthly Featured CRX with the anticipation of a boy scout waiting for his Ranger Rick magazine. Then there were all those archived ones. Jons post about the nostalgic pictures made me think about those days, and also I was trying to find a dang pic of some Aussie Rex's that inspired me.

But alas those days seem to be over for now. I'm sure that collecting everyones info and being responsible for posting it isn't that much fun. But what about in that new gallery of ours we could have a setup similar to the format of the Featured CRX where each person could have thier own garage and include thier own writeup? Then we could be responsible ourselves for updates ect.? I would hope also that the archived CRX's from the good ol' days are still around somewhere. It would be a shame if that stuff was lost forever. I guess that's a question for ...?
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how about users vote on a favorite CRX from the gallery or a favorite pic from the pile for a the week or somthing like that.
I like having a write up on our own cars in the gallery... that could be pretty neat.... pics are only worth a thousand words, lol.
I remember looking forward to who was the featured crx of the site too.
No I'm not trying to make this site like the "..." but I liked that feature.
Thumbsup for my vote.
Is it "do"able tom?
I could help ya with the feature.
I think it's a good idea, but it is a bit of work, so someone will have to volunteer to help out with that feature. If Tom agrees, we should post up a vote in the voting forum so everyone can voice their opinion.
Sounds good to me. As long as I don't have to do the work! :lol: I think it's a good idea. How can we make it unique so it isn't just a clone of some other place?
Sounds good to me. I wouldnt mind doing some work on it.

Maybe when the newest of the Community Collection is ready, change the pic in the upper left corner to a pic of the newest ride. At the end of the year we could have the users vote on a CRX of the year.

Im up for it for sure, and dont mind doing some work on it either.
Well my vote isn't for a Featured CRX on some kind of schedule. It would be for a way for us to create our own Featured CRX's in the gallery somehow. Then we could update our rides info without needing to have someone else do it. I didn't want to create responsibility for anyone gathering all that stuff.

I was wondering if there is a way that the Garage/Gallery could be formatted to be able to do a "layout" with a write up.....
Like I said...
I can help ya with the feature if you want guys...
In other places, the submissions weren't even voted upon. I think that allowing users to vote on the submissions would make it a little more interesting. For example, you make a submission of 1 picture and a couple of sentences the describe the car. (ie: "Clean bone-stock Y49. Driven daily, but garage kept".. or "Race inspired CRX with CRVTEC swap and custom pearl paint") Everyone on the site could vote for which CRX should be the next month's featured CRX. And the featured webpage would go into a little more detail about the vehicle with a bunch more pics.

Anyone else got more ideas?
Or did you prefer the suspense and surprise of not knowing who the 'featured CRX' is going to be? Maybe we could have two or three people who handle the submissions and secretly select the featured CRX for the next month.

However we handle it, we'll need to vote in a person who will be in charge of running the 'featured crx' idea... If you are interested, please post here and we'll get the vote ready.
I guess the anticipation factor is fun, but I almost feel like there is SO MUCH catching up to do! I wouldn't mind if there was 20 Featured CRX's in the first month!

Also the ability to update those as the projects get worked on would be very important.
Then I could see that more than just one person would be a good idea to receive pics to work on this.
Although I do like the member voted idea too.
Im definitly all for helping if it is needed. Although I must hold back on my own submission due to work needed on my car, im still willing to help any way I can. Its a great idea and it would be a cool addition if it was persistent and consistent! Im willing to help it get that way :)b
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