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So it occurred to me that I really don't post much of what I'm doing to my own Rex here, so I decided to fill y'all in on what I've been up to recently. And I know you all are like me and love pictures, so I put in a bunch :D

I bought my CRX in Feb. 2005, and basically it looked like this:

Notice the damage to the fender. Another thing you cant really see is that its painted black with purple metallic flakes... anyway, this was all back in my *cough* ricer days(I was young and stupid) so to replace the fenders, I got some cheep knockoff fiberglass ones. Worst purchase ever...they didn't fit right and were just crappy period.

So the guy Who had this car before me put some cheep WW knockoff kit on it. And then he started running into things with it. Anyway, long story short, fiberglass doesn't bend to well, so there were a ton of cracks and holes in both the bumper and the skirts. I spent a loooong time trying to repair the bumper last year, but to no avail. The car has spent most of its time as it looks in the first picture but it had the crap fenders on it.

So that brings up to today, or, well, a few months back. I've done most of the major work on the car in these past months. My engine had been burning a little bit of oil and a few other parts needed replacing, so over my fall break(I'm in college right now) I started disassembling the engine. What started as a mole hill quickly turned into a mountain. I decided I was just going to take the engine completely out and rebuild it. I figured this was a good time to do it because I didn't really need the car. while I was at it, I started ordering new body parts. But thats later.

Heres a list of what I did engine-wise:
>New Exedy Stage 1 clutch
>Fidanza Flywheel
>NRP Pistons standard compression .75 overbore
>Got the block bored out and the mating surface milled and polished
>Got a set of ACL main and rod bearings
>Got the head milled a little and polished as well
>New valve seals(why it was burning oil I think)
>Lapped the valves
>New gaskets all around
>New water pump
>replaces alternator brush

Heres a few pics I took in the process:

MMMM, Clean Block and pistons

The new flywheel and clutch

Anyways, there were a few setbacks, and this whole process has taken my quite some time. In fact, I spent most of my winter break rebuilding my engine and waiting for parts and work to be done. But I've just gotten everything back in, and heres what the final product looks like:

As for the body, I'm going back to stock fenders and an actual WW kit. Its really the only body kit IMO that looks good. (with a few exceptions). I just tore off(quite literally) the fenders and skirts today. Theres not much else I can do until I can find the rest of the parts I need.

Thats it so far. I have a set of WW shirts on the way and I'm still looking for a D/S fender. After I get those 2 things though, I plan on getting the whole car media blasted and then repainted Black. I'm hoping it turns out nice. And hopefully, I can get this all done before the school year is over.

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this looks nice

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All those Pepsi products and 1 lil lonely case of CocaCola up at the left. Dude you're a Pepsi traider. Car looks good and I think the kit is the R33 kit. It's base off the Skyline bumper. Does'nt look too bad but I do like the WW much better.
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