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ComposiMo said:
And here is an even bigger problem that happens... people with experience posting their opinions of a product... hehe.

Well i know of Driven and Tyson... i've seen some of their posts and what-not... neat guys.

But i'll take their words with a grain of salt as well, because i have a different experience with Wilwood products. Maybe they were too quick to bash? what about proper assembly of the items?

And then you can always fall back on the "well no one, even big companies are perfect" argument :lol:

So anyway, they can be on the anti-Wilwood bandwagon, and i'll be on the pro-wilwood bandwagon.

I'm quite positive that if all their crap leaked, then they likely wouldn't have been a braking components company for this long, and some very large racing teams wouldn't be using their braking systems... ya think? :wink:
True, not many companies build a reputation around being crap... I think the only one is Pacesetter.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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