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This is probably a first...

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Has anyone ever heard of modifying the reach of the clutch/brake/accelerator pedals? I'm only 5'2" and have short legs. It seems weird that these vehicles, predominantly designed for the asian market, don't really have the short-legged driver in mind!

The vertical seating position isn't a problem as the whole car seems to be short too, but as with most coupes it's really kicked back and I can't really hit hold the clutch to the ground comfortably, so it makes driving less pleasurable. Not to mention that the seat being completely forward puts it a fair way ahead of the window beam and looks rather silly.

I don't actually own a CRX (yet... maybe), so I thought I'd see what light you guys have to shed on the topic.

Is there a way to bring the pedals to the seat, instead of the seat to the pedals? :shock:
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Yes, there is... i've done something like this before, and it is definitely more than possible.

Is it just the clutch pedal? or is it all of them? The pedals can either be 'boxed' at the pad, or we can z-notch the pedal arms. If its less than 1" of movement needed, we can box the pad.. if a bit more, the z-notch... if a lot, both.. hehe

If you are near Orlando, it is easy... can do it in an afternoon ;) If you're not near Central FL, i can still modify your pedal assembly from afar... i'd just need to know exactly how much closer you need the pedals to be to you, and i'd need your pedal set to modify it.
Hey. It's interesting to know that this isn't a unique concept haha
I'm actually from Melbourne, Australia, so dropping in is a bit tricky. I also don't have a CRX yet, so that could further complicate things. :lol:

It's good to know there are people out there who are capable of realising such ideas. I wonder if I threw the terminology you used at a more localised Honda mechanic if he'd know what I was on about?

I'm not very mechanically minded or hands on myself, so I don't fatham being able to do such a job for myself, but would it be possible for you to go into a bit more detail as to the specifics involved so that I could better convey them to someone who could possibly carry out the job?

It could be dangerous if something was overlooked, (given that the pedals are the control centre of the vehicle), but maybe given the correct instructions, someone who has never heard of such a thing could still do it if they had the appropriate skills.

To clarify, I'd be inclined to bring all three pedals forward. The clutch is just the worst because it's heavier to hold down and has a deeper action.

Much appreciated!
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Well, what you need done is beyond most "mechanics" abilities. Also, i wouldn't take it to just any welder either. Like you said, these ARE the controls of the vehicle. You can lose the gas and clutch to a break, and not lose control, but your brake pedal is antoher story.

You need a race car fab shop... It sounds like you don't need TO much distance... prolly less than an inch. Maybe even like 1" on the clutch pedal, and 0.5" on the gas and brake.

When i say 'box' the pedal, i mean basically build a new pedal surface by building a box, using the stock pedal face as the 'floor' of the box, and make a new curved pedal face for its roof. The walls need to be built up of course to match the new pedal, but this is a mod that is not too terribly difficult for the right fabricator.

By the way, in case you can't find the right person, shipping stuff like that is not all that expensive. In fact, i'd almost be willing to do them for next to nothing so that i can do a write-up on it. So shipping it here could work... but if you can find someone local to you, then that would of course be ideal, because they can then have your car right there to test thicknesses with.
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Ahh I see what you mean about "boxing" and I don't imagine it would be too difficult to do, but the question is would such a modification pass a road worthy evaluation?

You're right about the distances. 1" would make all the difference. I mean I can push the clutch to the floor, it's just a bit awkward and tires out my quadracep.

Another thing: What about the steering column. On the lowest tilt, the wheel is still above the dash and partially blocks view of the windscreen. Considering how low the seat is, lowering the colum a bit more wouldn't get in the way of my legs at all. Is this an easy mod, or is that getting a bit to whimsical?

Just another quick question - It's probably common knowledge, but is the front end in 88-90 civics and CRXs the same dimension wise? The seat and pedal distances, the steering colum, the distance to the gear stick, the general dimensions? I jumped in my mate's 88 GL and it seemed exactly the same and his user manual is generic for civics and CRXs.
First of all, yes, they are the same dimension-wise... no real difference inside. However, exterior is a different story.

As for the steering column, yes, it can be lowered as well. It can be shimmed down a little more. Check out the Helm manual on the steering column dissassembly, and you should be able to see where the shims need to go. Part of the shimming though, depending on how far down you need it may also include cutting and rewelding the mounting point to have proper angle on the steering joints.

The pedals may or may not pass roadworthyness inspections... may want to call and ask. however, if it is properly made out of thick enough material, and nicely TIG welded, i wouldn't think thaty they would have a problem with it... the box would be the strongest part of the entire pedal assembly.. lol. but don't rely on my word... we don't have those inspections here, so i don't know how strict they'd be.
as far as differences between the civics, and the crx.. I have noticed that my seat is up a bit higher in my civic 3 door hatch, compared to my crx.. its not alot higher.. but high enough that its noticable.. if that makes sense..

I happen to have a pedal assembly that I would be willing to sell cheap, ship to John for the fab work, and then we could ship them down under to you.. that might be an option for you..


One thing I would watch out for is to make sure that whatever "extends" those pedals to your foot, doesn't also catch your foot or shoe. For example, your foot doesn't catch on the underside of the brake pedal while it is on the accelerator.
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