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I do not seem to suffer from the dreaded crank pully bolt problem I ususally just stiick something inbetween the frame of the car and the pulley holes and put a 17mm socket on it and a ratchet and then put a pipe or large wrench on the ratchet handle for leverage... then lay down on the ground and push it with my feet and legs...... .cracks loose every time...

also there are alot of mixed feelings about using an air impact gun.... some say it works all the time some claim to have no luck with it... I think this is it.... If you are using air impact tools you NEED to use an IMPACT socket.... not only are they stronger and safer but the stiffer thicker construction gets more of the hammer blows and turning torque where it belongs... down on the bolt...

Also the quality of gun plays a huge role in your sucess... I have a brand new craftsman imapact that came along with my compressor.... last week on a tight lug nut... it did nothing but sit there and hammer it and it would not budge.. i broke out my $350.00 Ingresol rand gun and it cranked that sucker off....

Good luck fisher let us know if you run into complications with the belt..... I have done several of them..I think i can do it in my sleep..
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