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Title question

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I am curious if I were to buy a crx shell from a local junkyard, would it be possible to get a title for it once it was rebuilt? I remember seeing a couple shells that might be good for me to swap all my 91's stuff over to. Just wondering if anyone has ever done it?
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It depends on your state's laws. Here in NH you wouldn't need it, since vehicles 15 years and older don't need titles.
downest said:
It depends on your state's laws. Here in NH you wouldn't need it, since vehicles 15 years and older don't need titles.
:? so how do you transfer ownership? I mean if i stole your car, forged a bill of sale and went to the dmv thats all it would take?

Here you have to have the title, have ID, proof of sale price, proof of insurance its a nightmare. If you dont have proof of sale price they charge you 3% of NADA value. They dont even have CRX listed here. It either says Honda Civic (which my last 2 titles said) and my new one says 2DR Sedan :?
You need a bill of sale and the previous registration to transfer ownership. There are official forms for the transfer of a non-titled vehicle as well.

I'm sure if a car was stolen and reported, the DMV would be on the lookout for it, but I don't think New Hampshire is really a center for car theft :wink:
I have done this twice in pa. . . you would need the vehicles certificate of salvage. . . . .basically looks just like a title except that it says that the vehicle is totaled. . . .you can then fill out a bunch of paperwork and take some photos of the car. . . . have 2 inspections done on it. and then they will send you a reconstructed title. . . . .as far as just getting a car retitled with out a certificate of salvage i dont know. . . .. . whats to say that you really own it? even a bill of sale could be easily made up . . . .the salvage certificate proves that you are in possession of the vehicle. . . and that it is yours. . .. . . in pa they do not need to be notarised like a title does. . . . .like when i bought my car. it was salvage. . . and i just signed on it and the old owner signed off. . . we did not need to go to a notarry public. . . . ... .

for me it was worth it as i needed a rex pretty badly and the paperwork as about all the car needed. .

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My problem is I have found some decent shells I would buy, but I have no way of transporting them home. By the time I rent a trailer and borrow or rent a truck to tow with, I will have spent more on the shell than its worth. If I can find one local though, I know a guy with a tow truck who said he would tow it in town for the cost of gas.
junkyards in va with crx's no way! where?
the one i go to had 6 of them last time i checked and a couple 1st gens too
Where is this at? If you dont mind Is it a pick and pull? Im just looking for j-yards too goto that actualy allow you to walk through them. I need other parts...
They quit letting most people walk around unless you know them. Mainly because people were walking in a stripping parts off of cars and leaving, without paying, or without paying for most of it.

I called them today and he claims all he has in an 84 crx right now. Im going to try to go look this week for myself.

BTW Angry, if you see any shells up that way let me know :wink:
I would call the DMV and see what laws allow you to do in VA. I know in NY once a car is salvaged, I don't think it can be titled again.
Will do my friend, I know where a few complete crxs that I have been told have been parked for awhile. But I dont have any wheels to go check them out.
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