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Tough Decision, What To Do with New Motor Burning Oil.

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hey guys, well my b18b swap into my rex is running strong and everything works smooth as hell. No noises, clunks, perfect idle, runs at perfect temp, no grinds in the tranny. The only thing is the engine is burning a ton of oil, it does'nt just smoke at WOT, it smokes all the time. I mean like just driving down the road i'll smell it all the sudden when i'm just cruising in 4th or 5th. When i come to stoplights/stop signs i'll see a cloud of smoke go rushing past my car. If i go WOT forget about it, i get burry peoples headlights in a cloud of smoke as if they were going through dense fog. I'm pretty sure my oil rings are fried, this sucks because i put alot of work and money into doing this swap right and it just blows.

Question is, do i take my car off the road and rebuild the motor?? i don't really have the time for this and i've never rebuild a motor yet, i've done trannys, plenty of headgaskets but never a complete rebuild and nor do i have the tools for it.


do i call up Hmotors and order a high compression b20, take a chance that it is a solid motor not needing a rebuild and just be done with it??

which is the more cost effective and sensible decision to make??
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if i were to rebuild it, you think i should just give it a quick hone and throw new bearings and rings in it?? or do i actually take time doing it and send the block out to be planed, cleaned, honed, crank polished, put a new oil pump in it, etc etc. i don't know much about rebuilds as i have'nt done one yet. I'm a body guy not a mechanic, lol.
thats awsome. i think my head and block should be straight, i just replaced the headgasket before i put the motor in and i gave it the old 100 grit on a long board sander planing job, i have no headgasket leakage at all so i think it should be fine. I think i might rebuild this think possibly, is it worth it to replaced the oil pump you think or just get a bearings, rings, gaskets kit?? Maybe this is what i should spend my tax return on when it comes in. If i decide to do this and your serious about offering your help and i would'nt be of any burden at all i might take you up on this, it'd be cool to meet up with some other Crx'ers, i don't know any down here by me.
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