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traded my 9mm

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traded a 9mm for a toolbox..
Nice Trade7100.00%
Shoulda kept the heater00.00%
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I had a Ruger P95DC 9 mm handgun.. I also have a 6 year old girl, and a 16 month old son... My little girl is starting to have some of her little friends over.. and my son seems to be more adventurous then his sister was, so....

I went down to the old pawn shop, and made an even trade.. my gun, for the tool box.. the box cleaned up really nice, and looks like brand new.. Plus, I will actually USE the tool box.. I might have taken the gun out and shot it 7 times in the 10 years I have owned it.. I will use the tool box on a daily basis...

I decided, that even though I kept it locked up, had a trigger lock on it, and kept the ammo in a seperate location... it was for the best that I didnt have it in the house anymore.. Kids will be kids, and I know that me and my friends got into his parents guns at will when we were younger.. So I traded my 9mm for a nice craftsman tool box.. I have a 5 drawer top chest, and a 5 drawer roller.. I really really needed a good toolbox! and now, I have one.

now I just have to print off Kwicko's Honda Tool Box List.. and buy some NEW tools for it!

anyways.. I think I made a pretty good trade.


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Good call on the trade. I'm not sure that i'm a pacifist, but guns were made to kill things, like people. No need to have one of those lying around. I'd say the toolbox will do you more good than that handgun ever would.
Happy wrenching!
good call, you can use the toolbox for creating things (with the tools), instead of destroying things with the gun. :wink:
Yup, good trade. Especially since you live in Nebraska. :D
Now me in Detroit...well, I don't have a gun. Should I? :shock: :D
sounds like a good move
good call, there was a shooting in my neighborhood last year. This guys Daughter shot her brother while they were playing. Worst thing ever.
So what are you gonna do now if there's an intruder? Throw wrenches at him? Better keep a set of combinations under the bed buddy.... hehehe jp sneak, I think you made a decent trade considering the tool box had an original retail value of at least $200 and you live in a decent enough neighborhood. Honestly and you probably already know this but whenever any kind of dealer trades you something outright, he got the better deal by a good margin.
Don't disagree with the trade, but make SURE that you have a recipt saying when you sold that gun that includes the serial number, model, caliber, etc and who you sold it to in case it ever is used in something less than legal that could get traced back to you.
ive got the receipt.. and yeah, im sure that the pawn shop dude got the better deal.. but i was only looking to get $200 out of it, considering that I paid 286 for it NEW.. and I have had it since i was 21.. im now 32.. so to get a tool box top and bottom roller.. I think i did ok.. I was pricing out similar tool boxes new... and I would of paid around 200 for just my top box..

As far as for home defense... Ill just sic my wife on em!! ROOOAAAR!!


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