Two sets of 2G rear trailing arms, selling each as a set:

Rear disk arms from an '89 or '90 CRX Si, used on my daily driver and then removed a few years ago in good working condition (decided to go back to drum brakes for lower drag and stronger e-brake operation). They have one Si, one Integra caliper (the difference is which angle the banjo line attaches to the caliper). Includes stainless brake lines and e-brake cables. Nolathane RTA bushings - the C-clip popped out on one side, so that may need addressing.

Rear drum arms from a '91 CRX DX. Original arms from my daily driver, rebuilt with new RTA bushings, wheel bearings and brakes (shoes, hardware, wheel cylinders) though they could still use new drums (two old ones included, one is being used to prop up the arms for pics).

Pickup only. I'm willing to drive as far as Philly, Lancaster or Baltimore to meet mid-way.